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Did you love Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children? #99cent #sale going on now! #RPBP @LucyBison

Now's The Time To Start Reading With  A New Author! 
This series is the next in line with some of the greats! 
A Fun For All Ages New Series Of Modern Day Magic & Adventure. 

Did you love Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children? How about the stories written by J.K. Rowling & Rick Riordan?

Then You Will Love This!

"This Author Has A Truly Inventive Imagination!"

The Changeling and the Cupboard
​The Complications of Being Lucy Book 1


Lucy was never afraid of the dark. She never questioned her family. She never thought that the world of logic and science could be a lie. But on her ninth birthday everything changed when a strange boy came into her life from the very lands she was forbidden from ever entering and she finds herself immersed in a conspiracy that was created before she was born. Her reality is shattered by the existence of magic and things of legend. The bonds of family are tested by a lifetime of deception and the truth of who she actually is, becomes the least of Lucy’s torments. For someone has unleashed a nightmare, and Lucy, her family, and her new friends, are soon on the run from a creature that even darkness fears.
The Changeling and the Borrowed Family 
The Complications of Being Lucy Book 2

A nightmare is just a dream in the light of day.

Lucy was used to everyone hiding things from her. Now she is the one forced to hide. The Changelings have been discovered and to save herself, Lucy must slip into the life of a creature who shares her nightmares. With her family scattered in search for answers and her only friend powerless to help, all alone Lucy must guard her heart from the world she always longed for and from the people that want her dead. But how can you fight the agony of your dreams and the secrets buried in your own blood.

Who Is Author Gus Kenney?

Meet Gus Kenney

Gus lives in western New York with his amazing wife and five four legged children. He decided he wanted to be a writer when he realized that he could never be a spy as good as Timothy Dalton's Bond and that Hired Sword was not part of any growth industry. When he is not semi-busy writing, he spends his time pretending he knows what he is doing at a nine-to-five job and the rest of it complaining that it is taking way too long for them to start showing new episodes of his favorite cartoons. If you're bored, or just a creeper, you can check out the insanity that doesn't make it into his books on his social media outlets.

The Complications Of Being Lucy

As It Is Blog (Stop over and sneak a peek at Book 3!)

Find out what Gus says when asked the difficult question, "What is your favorite part of the story?" Click Here!

Interested in speaking with the author?
​Email him:

Gus was asked a slew of questions during an in depth interview with Rukia. Here is just one Q & A from that interview. 
Q: Any tips on how to get through the dreaded writer’s block?

A: Honestly, write something else. Anything at all. You can't get truly blocked unless you stop completely. Sure the story you have been focusing on for months suddenly stalls. No need to fear. Just prime the pump of creativity with some other ideas. Do the paint chip trick (look it up on Pinterest). Look online for story prompts(also Pinterest). Take your characters and put them in strange and unusual scenarios that would never come up in the world you created for them. Write something off the wall like a race of people that aren't carbon based but cocoa based (I call them Fudgelians). If all else fails do some dishes. That always works for me. Don't believe me? Come to my house and wash them. You'll see. 
Get to know the author!

Great News! Gus Kenney has something he wants to share with you!
A Rafflecopter Giveaway
Name The Character competition!

 Name The Character

Author Gus Kenney is offering a chance to name one of the characters for Traitor's Neice, Book 3 in 

The Complications Of Being Lucy Series!

The Rules:

Get book 1(The Changeling And The Cupboard), snap a pic of you with the book like the one above(if it's an eBook open it on your ereader device), tag us (Gus Kenney / Margaret Daly) and post your picture! That's it! The winner will be announced on Facebook on The Complications Of Being Lucy Page!

Now's the time to get your copies of these books, each priced at 99c/99p.
Then enter the competition to name the character in Book 3!

Don't miss this opportunity to not only read the next hit series, but to be a part in the story yourself!
Thank you for joining us today! We hope you're coming away from this with a better sense of this new hit series by Gus Kenney...

If you have any questions you can normally find Gus on FB, or you can send him an email. 
Have A Great Day! 
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Will this secret save you or kill you? #ASMSG #RPBP #Suspense RT @karenJMoss

This week we had the pleasure of meeting up a very special author, Karen J. Mossman. Karen is the author of many wonderful books, but for today I want to tell you about one book in particular, The Truth Will Out. 
The Truth Will Out 
Karen J. Mossman
Available For A Limited Time For 99c/99p
Rukia Publishing Featured Book Of The Week!
About The Book
You Can Run.
​But You Can Never Hide!

Kelly needs to escape from her abusive and controlling boyfriend, but she's terrified to leave. She’s then given a chance to start a fresh, but is the cost for her freedom too high?

Sarah is happy in her life. She has a dream job and a perfect roommate. But when a brick is thrown through the window, followed by a letter containing razor blades, her life starts to spin out of control. Detective Ryan Andrews is on the case and the two quickly form a close bond.

Will Kelly pay that price for freedom? Can Sarah's secret past be kept from Ryan?
Try this author out today for just $0.99! 

© Karen J. Mossman
​November 11, 2016
Metamorph Publishing
Sample 1st edition

“How’s the yoga going?” Dave asked, having watched her practice in the garden.
“Good. I like it.”
“You go to that retreat, don’t you?” he added.
Kelly’s heart dropped as Johnny suddenly looked up. “What retreat?”
“The one down the back road over Forsham way,” Dave volunteered, not realising this was the first Johnny had heard of it.
“I hadn’t told you because I didn't think you'd be interested," she lied.
“Since when do you keep things to yourself? Of course, I'm interested.”
Dave stood up, aware that he had caused a little trouble. “Sorry, I didn’t realise it was a secret. I’m gonna get showered and burn these clothes. Get the stink of pig off me.”
Pete stood too. “Yeah, thanks for the coffee, I’ve got some stuff I need to be doing.”
That left her and Johnny looking at one another. “Tell me about this retreat?” he said as the door closed.
“There is nothing to tell, really. I came across it one day and liked what I saw. I go a couple times a week. The rest of the time I practise in the garden. I just need something for myself, Johnny.”
“You don’t need anything more than what I provide for you.”
She sighed. “I know, generally, it is enough, but I want to stay healthy and looking good for you. It’s important to me too.”
“I don’t like you keeping anything from me. I like to know exactly what goes on in my organisation. You know that. It’s the only way I can control everything.”
“It’s not part of your organisation. It’s just something I like to do.”
“You are part of it. You play an integral part of it. I’m the one who says what’s good for you, K, not you. So, tell me more about this retreat and let me decide.”

© Karen J. Mossman
​November 11, 2016
Metamorph Publishing
Sample 1st edition

“Perhaps this is something I need to look into.”

“I’d rather you didn’t,” she said a tad too quickly.

“Oh? And why’s that?”

“Because it’s mine. It’s something I do, and I don’t want it to be part of any shady business.” She cringed. Damn.

“Shady business?”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it quite like that.”

“You bloody will be,” he said. “You think all of this is shady?”

“That’s not what I meant, it was just a bad choice of words.”

“Then explain what you do mean as I really want to understand. Aren’t all the new dresses enough? You don’t want for anything, K. How do you think all that is paid for?”

“Look, I said the wrong thing, and I said I was sorry.” She rose to her feet, as it was time to leave this conversation.

He got up too, and as she turned his way, he slapped her face. Only once this time. “Perhaps you need to be reminded who the boss is around here. I’m the one who makes the decisions for the right reasons. Do you understand me?”

About The Author
Karen J Mossman comes from a family of journalists with her grandfather and uncle having been newspaper editors. Further back a 2x grandfather wrote for his local paper and also published a book based on those articles. Karen is the only one to go into fiction. Two of her novels are romantic suspense and one is a thriller.

​She also has three themed short story collections. Karen is also an avid blogger and book reviewer, "It's especially important to me to have feedback from my readers, so please leave a review when you have read one of my books."

Karen lives on the beautiful Isle of Anglesey off the North Wales coast with her husband and elderly Yorkshire terrier. She has two grown up children, who were both born on the same day, two years apart.

You can find Karen online most days. She is very responsive so go ahead and stop over to see her. Say hello or ask her a question about her books.
Are you a blogger? Are you familiar with domestic abuse?
Join the book tour!

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Regency Ever After Author Spotlight @MearaPlatt #NewRelease #Historical #romance

Regency Ever After: Timeless Tales & Fables II
Dawn Brower, Amanda Mariel, Ari Thatcher, Meara Platt, Collette Cameron, Tammy Andresen, Sue London
Release Date: March 7, 2017
Length: 181,000k
Heat Rating: 1-3
Genre: Historical Romance, Regency
Price: .99 until March 13th then 2.99.
Once upon a time seven historical romance authors created a fairy tale inspired Regency world with all the romance of Regency and timelessness of fairy tales.

Join us on a Regency adventure of love and romance with seven brand new stories by some of today’s most sought after authors in Regency Ever After: Timeless Tales and Fables II.

Stolen by My Knave by Dawn Brower
As a child, Lady Elizabeth Kendall glimpsed an image of handsome gentleman in her looking glass. Imagine her surprise when years later she meets the Duke of Whitewood, who bears a striking resemblance to her imaginary man. Will they accept fate’s decision or ignore all the signs that brought them together?

Enticed by Lady Elianna by Amanda Mariel
Lady Elianna has been forced into servitude by her cousin. Still she dares to dream. Lord Sinclair is intrigued by her and determined to discover her secrets. Might he be the key to her freedom?

The Ugly Duckling Debutante by Meara Platt
Gennalyn, a lonely young woman far from home thinks of herself as an outcast, ugly duckling. But Roarke, a much sought after war hero just returned home, sees her for the beautiful swan she truly is.

A Diamond for a Duke by Collette Cameron
A dour duke and a wistful wallflower—an impossible match until fate intervenes one enchanted night, resulting in a passionate interlude neither can forget.

His Elusive Nightingale by Ari Thatcher

When a pompous duke offers a large reward to anyone who’ll bring his favorite opera singer to perform for him, an amateur sleuth and the singer’s maid conspire to accomplish the challenge. Little does the sleuth know what intrigue lies ahead, and the damage a few passionate nights with a maid will do to his heart.

The Fairy Palace by Sue London
Lord Williams indulges his sheltered 'cousin' with the visit to London she always wanted. Now he's in trouble that the Mad Clan may not be able to get him out of.

Hunting for A Lady’s Heart by Tammy Andresen

Lord William Fairfield is an experienced hunter, so when he encounters the beautiful, raven-haired Lady Eirwen White in the forest running for her life, he knows that he must use his skills to save her. But will Eirwen allow him to put his life at risk to aid her against her wicked stepmother?

Today the spotlight is shining on Meara Platt and her Ugly Duckling inspired novella The Ugly Duckling Debutante.
Excerpt from The Ugly Duckling Debutante:

Gennalyn quickly tucked her diary within the folds of her gown to hide it from view. Her heart beat a little faster as she watched Roarke Hawthorn tether his horse to a nearby tree and then stride toward her. His blond hair appeared quite golden under the sun’s rays that shone upon his head. She waited for the inevitable halo to form around his thick mane, for he looked remarkably like a mythical Greek god marching with victorious confidence down from the heavens. “Lord Hawthorn, is there a reason you’re here and not greeting your adoring throng at the manor house?”

His warm brown eyes gleamed in obvious amusement, but she couldn’t overlook the intelligence behind those dark orbs. “They can wait a little longer.” His manner was thoughtful as he knelt beside her and held out his hand, palm up, for one of the ducklings on her lap to hop on. It was a casual gesture, one that revealed much about his honorable nature, for he obviously had a gentle manner with animals. He hadn’t bellowed or raged at Sebastian even though the cantankerous bull had given him a good scare.

She’d heard he was a war hero, which probably meant he’d earned the trust and admiration of the men who’d served under him. Did this man have any faults? She was determined to find one because she hadn’t noticed any yet and didn’t want to like him. “I wish you’d go away.” The quivery catch to her voice made her wince.

His steady presence and the comfort he offered were stirring up sensations that she never dared feel again. She was surviving in her cocoon and didn’t want this well-intentioned man to shake her out of her hiding place.

“I know you don’t want me here.” He cast her a boyish grin that quickly turned into a look of tender regard. “But I’m too dense to take the hint. Why aren’t you at the party, Gennalyn? Do you have any intention of putting in an appearance?”

“No. They don’t want me around.” She shrugged her shoulders. “I’m happier out here.”

“Me too.” He set the duckling back on her lap and then stretched his lean, muscled body on the grass beside her, propping himself on his elbows while he studied her. His manner appeared casual, but she knew he was anything but that. This was a man with keen instincts, no doubt finely honed in the heat of battle, for it took more than dogged determination to stay alive while others all around you were intent on cutting short your life.

She began to fidget, all too aware that he was still looking at her. “This party is in your honor, my lord. Everyone will be quite put out if you’re late.”

He glanced at the manor house in the distance before returning his gaze to her. “They’ll manage without me a little while longer.”

“Indeed, you are dense.” Why had she captured his interest? What more could she do to push him away? That determination of his might have served him well in battle, but she didn’t appreciate that it was now turned on her. “Please run along or I’ll be blamed for your tardiness as well.”

He arched an eyebrow. “I’ll go, but only if you promise that we’ll meet again. Soon. Tomorrow. I’ll meet you in my cow pasture at midday.”

She gave a snorting laugh. “Why would you want to see me again? I’m not pretty. I’m not immensely wealthy. And I don’t like you.”

His eyebrow shot up once more and then he let out a quiet rumble of laughter. “Gennalyn, I find you refreshingly charming.”

She sighed. “No, you don’t. You find my behavior odd and think there’s a deep, compelling reason behind it that you must now discover. You’re the sort who enjoys challenging puzzles, but you’ll be disappointed. There isn’t anything mysterious or puzzling about me. Trust me on this and leave me alone. By the way, I’d rather you addressed me as Miss Beauclerk. We are not friends and I doubt we ever shall be.”

“Gennalyn,” he said with a rough and husky rumble to his voice, his amusement now vanished and only concern gleaming in his eyes, “something happened to you before you came here, something bad. It’s so obvious, your every word and manner fairly screams it.”

Her fingers trembled as she stroked the soft downy fur of one of the ducklings still curled on her lap. She shifted a little to nudge her diary closer, for she didn’t want him to notice it and discover her secrets. “What concern is it of yours, my lord?”

Question & Answers with Meara Platt:

Q1-What fairytale did you choose for your inspiration and why?

I chose The Ugly Duckling because it's such a wonderful theme. There's a beautiful swan in all of us just waiting to be brought out.

Q2-What was your favorite fairytale as a child?

My favorite fairy tale as a child was Sleeping Beauty because I loved that wicked Maleficent and always wondered what her back story was that made her so evil!

Q3-What is your favorite line from your book?

My favorite line from The Ugly Duckling Debutante is: "They call me Ugly Duckling, even to my face. One would think they’d have the manners to whisper it behind my back."

Author Bio and Links

You can download a free Farthingale novella, If You Kissed Me, when you visit

Meara Platt is a USA Today bestselling, award winning author, and an Amazon UK All Star. Her Regency romances infuse humor and heart, and her Regency paranormal stories add just enough darkness to keep her readers intrigued.

She is happily married to her Russell Crowe look-alike husband, and they have two terrific children. She lives in one of the many great towns on Long Island, New York and loves it, except for the traffic. Her favorite place in all the world is England's Lake District, which may not come as a surprise since many of her stories are set in that idyllic landscape.

Grab your copy of Regency Ever After today for just 99 cents! The price goes up to $2.99 on March 13th so hurry!

Secondhand Life by L.M. Lee #steamy #romance #preorder Cover reveal

Secondhand Life
Author: L.M. LEE 
Cover Artist: Pink Ink Designs
Release Date: March 28th
Genre: Erotic Romance 
Pre-Order for 99 cents:
Emma Ross knew Oliver from the past, when they were younger, and he smiled. Gone for years, back to their hometown a widow, the Oliver she knew is gone. A hard man who consumes her is left in his place. A man who claims to hate her, but can’t seem to stay away.

Oliver Bentley remembers Emma as an unlikable girl, only the present Emma is nothing like her. He doesn’t want to find her desirable, but everything—from her inner strength, to her warm eyes, to the fierce love she has for her daughter, to his constant hunger for her—makes him want her more. The thing is…he doesn’t hate her at all.
My body turns into a mass of hypersensitive nerves under his scrutiny. “Oliver. Stop looking at me like that.”

Hearing the warning in my voice, Oliver drags his eyes to mine. His deep voice is quiet as he says, “Is it always going to be like this?”

Breaths coming fast, I hastily set down the stack of plates and reach for the bottle of wine. I notice the slight tremble of his hands, and am careful to not touch him as I take the wine from him. It would be easier to not be this attracted to someone. It would be easier, but I’m not sure I can say I have remorse over experiencing this. Easier isn’t always better. I know that. I’ve lived that.

“I don’t know. I’ve never…felt this before,” I answer honestly.

I wonder if he has, if he had this with his wife. If he did, I’m glad. I hope he did. But I’ll never ask, because I don’t want to know. I refuse to think about why I don’t want to know, telling myself every woman wants to feel like they’ve induced reactions in males no others before them, or after them, have. It’s silly, possibly childish, but women are insecure by nature.

Oliver moves closer, and to anyone watching, the scene would appear innocent. It isn’t. It’s tempting catastrophe. I smell cinnamon, and soap, each time I inhale. His breath fans my ear as he exhales. We are locked in a bubble, and the slightest wrong, or right, move, will cause it to burst.

With a stuttering pulse, I look into eyes as green and unending as a forest, and wonder what will happen if I step into them.

Things are simple between us. We have sex. One move a certain way, and everything gets complicated. Oliver Bentley is the last man I want to get complicated with.

“I want you. Always,” comes out in a hoarse, barely audible whisper.

His words echo through me, sounding sweet and new, even though I’ve heard them from plenty of men’s lips. But never this one’s, and never spoken so raggedly, or so regrettably.

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An Emotional Gamut Of Passion...The Chase by The Black Rose @theblackrosenyc #ASMSG #RPBP #Suspense

This past week we featured The Chase by The Black Rose. Did you get a chance to see this? Today is the last day that this book will be our featured book, so now the time to stop over and check it out!

"Wonderful... had a hard time putting it down. It is the second in a series, & just as good as the first one..."

Cathy C. on August 30, 2015

"Packed full of suspense, intrigue, passion and romance!"

Rukia the Reader on September 8, 2015

"I loved this book and did not want it to be over."

Will on April 26, 2015

About The Book

The Killing Game Series continues as Special Agent Ives Andrich turns the FBI inside out to investigate the mistreatment of his wife during the Luca case. In the process, he unveils a secret from her past, linking her to a hunted bomber, who is threatening her life while leaving cryptic clues to a twisted conspiracy. Learn More, click here!

About The Author
The Black Rose is an author, photographer, and filmmaker. Born in Chicago, she currently resides in New York with the love her life, her Hokkaido Dog, Kuma. She began writing at the age of seven and dabbled until she woke up one day and simply had to write a novel. She has several 5-Star reviewed novels, both part of individual series.

She categorizes her novels very directly; “My writing is deeply rooted interpersonal relationships: people’s feelings, thoughts, emotions, and the intimacies between two people that truly love each other despite the circumstances surrounding them.” Her genres are suspense, thrillers, crime, romance, and espionage. As she says, “I write about love, honor, and doing the right thing, even when it seems disadvantageous, even when it’s not the popular path to take.” She sees her writing as a gift from God, and appreciates and learns from her stories.

Her writing passion stems from her immense love for art, which began with drawing at age five and moved into oil painting by age eight. Her love and study of photography soon became a professional passion, and she spends hours photographing and laying out her book covers. Readers can visit “PrivĂ© with The Black Rose” showcasing behind-the-scenes insights into her writing, novels, characters, photography, and films. She films and produces her book trailers and, in the future, plans to make short films. 

For more information on The Black Rose and The Black Rose NYC brand, visit these links:
 The Black Rose’s Website:
 The Killing Game Landing Page:
 The Black Rose’s Amazon Author Page:
 Twitter: @theblackrosenyc
Get to know The Black Rose with our in depth exclusive interview, click here!

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The True Story Of #JackTheRipper as told by author Randy Williams in Sherlock Holmes And The Autumn Of Terror ~ #RPBP #TrueCrime RT @CRCAWC

Did you get a chance to see the Featured Book Of The Week at Rukia Publishing? 
This past week we honored Sherlock Holmes And The Autumn Of Terror by author Randy Williams!

With 56 ~ 5 Star Reviews On Amazon US alone!

It's elementary Watson!

Here's two of the most recent reviews:

"A great book from beginning to end!! It solves the mystery as to "who was Jack the Ripper!!!"

~ Roz S. on February 16, 2017

"Great read for those who love the cunning deduction abilities of Baker street's consulting detective violinist. A pleasant blend of Fictional and Non-Fictional history."
~ darrius on February 6, 2017

See for yourself what others have had to say, click here!

This book is available in Kindle, Hardcover & Paperback 
and soon to be Audio!

From the Author, Randy Williams:
"The writing of Sherlock Holmes and the Autumn of Terror has been one of the greatest experiences of my life, and may well be its crowning achievement. During the thirty-four months it took me to write it, I met some lifelong idols and heroes, found much more evidence against the person I have suspected of being Jack the Ripper since 2012 and learned so much more about Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the actual Ripper case, England and its history, religion, criminology, forensic science, classical music, opera, magic, superstition and occultism, architecture, Scotland Yard, Socialism/Anarchism and much, much more. I hope to have brought to the reader some new information on those subjects as well as to have provided some entertainment along the way."  

About The Book
Everyone knows the name of Sherlock Holmes -- the fictional detective created by Arthur Conan Doyle with his superhuman powers of observation and unbeatable methodology for solving crimes. But could his 1800’s philosophy really work in the modern world to solve genuine crimes?

That’s the very question that a real-life US-based private detective asked himself before embarking on the adventure of a lifetime by stepping into Holmes’ shoes and using his mindset to solve real crimes. So effective was this method that he decided to turn his attention to the greatest set of crimes known in history -- the brutal murders perpetrated by the criminal who came to be known as Jack the Ripper.

The author, along with a team of three of the world’s top forensic scientists and criminologists, Dr. Michael M. Baden, Dr. Cyril H. Wecht and Dr. Henry C. Lee, have convincingly solved the infamous Jack the Ripper murders of 1888 London – arguably the world’s most talked-about unsolved murder mystery. But their true-life resolution of the case is presented here in the form of a Sherlock Holmes novel, painstakingly penned faithfully in the style of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. In it, the author – who actually used Holmes’ methods to uncover the killers’ identity – explains exactly how the crimes were committed and by whom, all in the form of a fast-paced thriller featuring the world’s most beloved detective along with Dr. Watson, from whose point-of-view most of the tale is told. Once the reader has finally been clued in on the final solution, the murders are then revisited from the killers’ perspective.

The story opens in the year 2017 with the sealed box of Holmes’ most controversial cases being opened by Watson’s great grandson Jacob, and among those cases is that of London’s Ripper murders that took place in what was then and has forever after been known as the “Autumn of Terror.” Jacob is shocked to learn the true story, as well as the reasons Holmes deemed the case’s explosive resolution too shocking and incendiary to have been revealed to the public in Victorian England and so to be sealed “entombed in a tin box” for 125 years, as were a number of other cases that are mentioned in some of Doyle’s Holmes stories. Along the way, the actual facts of the case and the evidence that led Randy and his team to the real killer will be revealed to the reader through Holmes’ investigative methods.

Featured In Ripperologist Magazine

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Sherlock Holmes And The Autumn Of Terror by author Randy Williams. This theory and the book signing got some publicity in the Wayne Independent News in PA!
Have you checked out the book yet? 
If you like Sherlock Holmes, and want to know the real story of
 "Jack The Ripper". 
Choose your favorite online store and format!

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